Tuesday, January 24, 2012

$900,000 Slot Win

Dropping $40 into one of the 800 slot machines at a Saskatchewan casino turned into more than $900,000 in profit for two friends from Regina.

Jesse and Brandon, two men in their mid-20s who declined to give their last names, were down on their luck while playing roulette at Casino Regina on Saturday afternoon, so they decided to return later that evening.

On their second visit, Brandon said they noticed the Monte Carlo slot machine was available after it had been occupied for most of the night. The pair played the machine whenever they visited the casino. Near the end of their turn, the pair hit the $913,940 jackpot — the largest prize won in the 14-year history of the casino.

“I was extremely shocked,” said Brandon. “I didn’t say too much for the entire night. I was up until about 5 a.m. just sitting there.”

According to Gerry Fischer, a Sask. Gaming spokesman, the win was one of the largest stand-alone progressive jackpots ever paid out in Canada by a single slot machine.

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