Monday, September 6, 2010

£500,000 Pirate Plunder

Somali’s aren’t the only Pirates to net £500,000 in one day! Thanks to Mecca Games you can now plunder a massive jackpot without taking to the high seas!

The Pirate Plunder slot is available to play at Mecca Games, currently the jackpot is over £500,000 and rising. You might think that Mecca is just about online bingo games, you’d be dead wrong shipmates! Mecca has loads of fantastic online slots that you can play for penny’s and win thousands.

Many of the top jackpots over at Mecca are on slot machines rather than the bingo games. Of course if you get fed up of spinning slots you can always jump ship and start playing the bingo games. Mecca games has generous cash bonuses for new players, if you fancy ‘shiver your timbers’ with a massive jackpot then Mecca Games has a bounty of treasure just waiting to be discovered.

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